Tuesday Tell-All

*Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to try to talk about student teaching so much, but my paper load is seriously becoming kind of unbearable. And now I finally know what all my English teachers were talking about…I’ve spent over 6 hours in the last two days going over one-page rough drafts, and …

Tuesday Tell-All

*I feel like the only thing I’m ever going to have to write about anymore will be stuff about teaching. But that’s what my teaching blog is for. So I’ll do my best to think of other things going on in my life. Ummm…. *So Matt and I really never see each other. Take yesterday, …

Photo Walk


Today we went on our first Photo Walk in ages, and I can’t wait to post all the cool pictures we got. However, it is time for bed, so I will only post these cuz I think they’re fun: Can’t wait to show you the rest. Hope you all had a happy Sunday!


Teaching Blog

I’ve decided to use the blog I created last semester for a class as a place to document what’s going on in student teaching. These are learning experiences I never want to forget, so if you want to follow along, check it out:http://didacticdithering.blogspot.com/