The Top 5 Resources I Use for Finding What to Cook For Dinner


My 5 Favorite Resources For Finding What to Make For Dinner

While I haven’t always been a huge fan of cooking, it has blossomed into one of my favorite hobbies since getting married. However, though I usually enjoy cooking more than the average person, I also have my moments of pre-dinner panic, when I realize that everyone is expecting to be fed sometime within the next hour, and I have nothing in mind to serve them. Since ordering takeout and going out to eat is a pretty rare luxury around here, I’ve had to beef up my cooking game so that I can be ready with something to serve every night to my hungry family (and often in a half hour or less!).

Many of my favorite places to look inevitably include recipes that call for ingredients I will readily have on hand, will not take a super long time to make (or a lot of energy), and that will include a familiar enough blend of flavors that everyone will be excited to eat whatever I prepare (including the toddler in our house!). I can say without hesitation that of all the recipes I’ve made from these five resources listed below, easily over 95% of them have been winners, most of which we’ve made again and again.

My Top 5 Resources for Finding My Next Favorite Recipe

1. Taste of Home’s Prize-Winning Recipes 2007

This was the very first “cookbook” I ever bought for myself (it’s actually one of those special magazines you can pick up a few times a year from the newsstand that costs around $10-15), back when I was dating a guy who was way more into cooking than I was and who taught me to be much more into the idea of it, too. Taste of Home has always been a winner for me when it comes to finding good recipes (I use their online site quite a bit too and actually have a subscription to their regular magazine as well), and this special issue of theirs is especially good. Since it was “just” a magazine, I started making annotations in the margins 10 years ago every time I made a recipe, including subtle changes I’d tried or notes to myself on how we liked it, and it’s a practice I’ve subsequently adopted with ALL of my cookbooks because it is super handy to see what we’ve tried in the past and what tweaks have worked before when I flip through the recipes later.

Each section of this magazine is broken up into the different contests the regular magazine ran throughout that year (and includes all the prize-winners of each), such as Ground Beef Roundup, Say “Cheesecake,” Accent on Apples, and 30-Minute Main Dishes. In certain sections, such as the 30-Minute Main Dishes, I’ve made nearly every recipe!

I’ve posted quite a few recipes from this book on the blog, including the one for Mexican chip casserole (one of our go-to 30-minute meals), tater tot casserole (super easy!), chicken & dumplings (another one that’s around 30 minutes!), and chicken potpie.

The only problem with this cookbook is it’s actually quite hard to find, though Taste of Home is always coming out with new yearly magazines with a similar layout (and with similar promises of deliciousness!). I’ll admit, I’m seriously tempted to buy the huge edition of Most-Requested Recipes 2017 that recently came out as a book, which has over 600 recipes in it from the magazine!

(I also own Taste of Home’s Prize Winning Recipes 2011, where I got the recipe for these golden honey pan rolls and this pronto penne pasta, and Taste of Home’s Most-Requested Recipes (the older edition.))


2. The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner

I got this as a wedding present back when we were married in 2011, and it has been one of the most well-loved books on my shelf ever since! I have yet to try a recipe from here that wasn’t a total winner, and this is the book where I found my now-favorite crescent roll recipe, which I’ve made pretty much every year for our Friendsgiving. I like that this cookbook is structured after the author’s own approach to making meals, with each night of the week having a different “theme” (Monday = Comfort Food, Tuesday = Italian, Wednesday = Fish/Meatless, etc.).

Hers is the only recipe I use for German pancakes (a staple around here), and I really need to do posts on her chicken & noodles over mashed potatoes dinner and both versions of her mac & cheese because they’re among my favorites!

Seriously, this one would make a GREAT wedding gift for just about anybody!

(I also loved this one so much that I asked Matt to buy me its sequel for Christmas a couple years ago–The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Again)

3. Cooking For Two

Another wedding gift, this cookbook’s only downfall is that there are no pictures of the delicious food (cue sad face). What I DO like about this one is that the recipes are often very simple and almost always call for stuff that I already have in the pantry anyway. While I love to cook really fresh when I can, sometimes at the end of the month, I’ll really be struggling to pull together a meal from pantry ingredients, and this book is my go-to for that, as many of the recipes call for canned goods.

I like to think of this cookbook as the perfect “beginner” cookbook for someone just starting out—most of the recipes are pretty foolproof, and most rely on easy-to-throw-together ingredients that even the poorest newlywed couple is likely to have. Since I’ve become a much better cook over the years I’ve been married, I now will use many of the recipes from this book as a sort of “blueprint,” and then add things or modify them according to our personal tastes.

This book would make a great gift for a kid about to leave home for the first time or for a newlywed couple that doesn’t have much experience in the kitchen!

4. Our Best Bites

I ALSO got this one as a wedding present (can you sense that our generous friends and family have good taste for great wedding gifts?!), and I can credit this book as the one that finally gave me the recipe for perfect, goes-with-everything dinner rolls that I’d been searching for for so long (something I mentioned in this post highlighting another great roll recipe!). Other favorites I’ve found in this are my go-to recipe for making my own pound cake (when I don’t want to go to the store to buy an angel’s food cake for serving with strawberries and cream), my favorite beef stroganoff recipe, and a particularly scrumptious version of chocolate zucchini bread.

Also, funny story—I once was invited to a brunch with some ladies in the church youth leadership I was then serving in, and the host served the most scrumptious syrup I had EVER eaten over the crepes we had that morning. When I asked for the recipe, I was delighted to find that it was the one for buttermilk caramel syrup that was found in my very own Our Best Bites cookbook!

I loved the flavors from this cookbook so much that for my second Christmas with my husband’s family, when my mother-in-law asked me for some gift ideas, I told her that I wanted their follow-up cookbook, Savoring the Seasons (which has recipes featured by time of year/availability of produce/certain holidays, etc.), which she so kindly bought for me! I also have been eyeing their third cookbook for awhile now (400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites).

5. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

This list would be grossly inaccurate if I didn’t include a link to my favorite recipe blog of all time! I have made more recipes from this blog than I can count, and I seriously get on it almost on a daily basis for everything from dinner ideas to baking tips to cookie recipes. Most times when I make a killer recipe for someone, it’s almost always from her site, and I have yet to encounter a dud from it! In fact, my husband, whenever I’ve just made a new recipe, knows that he can proceed with 100% confidence if the recipe is from her site (and looks forward to trying it with gusto!).

Some of my favorite recipes from her site are her sweet and sour chicken (a little time-consuming but sooooo worth it), her Asian chicken wraps, her eggless double chocolate chip cookies (I crave these ALL. The. Time.), and her Mexican haystacks, which is one of my go-to 30-minute meals.


Honorable Mentions

While I only included my most-used cookbooks/cooking sources above, I also own several other cookbooks that I’ve been impressed with (but that I haven’t cooked as much out of, mostly just because they’re newer). I’ve liked nearly everything I’ve tried from these ones too, though!


Note: This post contains affiliate links, but as always, I only recommend things that I personally own and love or that I honestly am thinking of buying for myself!

5 Resources For Finding Your Next Favorite Recipe

Now it’s your turn to dish—what are YOUR go-to sources for finding what you’ll make for dinner?