Things That Bring Me Joy: Fresh Cut Flowers

I have a confession to make: I buy myself flowers. Like, all the time. Sometimes (maybe two or three times a year), I’ll receive a beautiful bouquet, usually of roses,¬†from my thoughtful hubby. Often, these occasions accompany some holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.), and they never fail to bring me joy when they do happen. …


Off to the Woods

Well, I’m about an hour out from departure to girls’ camp–3.5 days filled with campfire banana boats (essentially grilled bananas stuffed with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows), low-mess crafts, spiritually-themed hikes, and group skits. It will basically be awesome. Of course, as of Sunday morning, I was deathly afraid that I might come home from …


Summer Dating Challenge: New Restaurant in a New Town

For our second dating challenge (from the 10 Summer Date Ideas I posted awhile back), we decided to venture outside of Logan, which is something we don’t do often (unless we’re headed to Bountiful, but that doesn’t make us any more familiar with the surrounding towns). Here’s the original dating challenge for this particular date: …